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Competição da Embaixada Britânica no Brasil.

Essay Competition

Essay Competition

Social media, Arab Spring, democracy. Recurring words, current meanings, very different perceptions.

  • What was the impact of the Arab Spring on the Middle East?
  • How social media has been changing democracy?

We want to know what young people think about those things. We want the young and fresh Brazilian perspective about it.

Brazil is an emerging power and a priority partner for the UK in a number of different areas. This country has been engaging ever more actively in international issues.

In its recent mandate in the United Nations Security Council, Brazil worked closely with the UK in a variety of themes, especially when it came to Arab Spring outcomes. Despite having different positions from time to time, the dialogue between both countries has been always open and transparent.

To participate in the competition, you have to be a student of international relations, political sciences (or related area) or journalism (or other communications course).

The competition will have two broad themes:

  • "Democracy and Social media"
  • "Foreign Policy"

A winner will be selected in each one and the prizes will include 5-day trip to London, with visits to the Parliament, the Olympic Park and the FCO.

To take part you must register from 21 November to 14 December and submit your essay no later than 31 December. All essays must be written in English.

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