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Prudential Foundation Global Citizens

In today’s 21st century economy it is increasingly important for students entering the business world to have a global understanding and recognize the ever-changing role government plays in affecting business decisions. The Prudential Foundation Global Citizens Program provides undergraduate and graduate students from select countries the opportunity to spend a semester in Washington, D.C. in an experiential learning program that exposes them to the role the United States government plays in the context of an increasingly interdependent world. Students in the program return to their communities equipped with the skills and motivation to make real impacts as civically engaged, social aware citizens.
Between 2013 and 2015, the Prudential Foundation Global Citizens Program will enable 120 students from universities in six selected countries to spend a semester together in Washington, D.C., acquiring the skills and understanding needed to become responsible global citizens. These students will join a cohort of 400-450 students from across the United States and around the world for a 15-week semester with TWC. They will live together in shared apartments and have an opportunity to learn from their internships and academic components, and from each other.
A total of 40 students, 20 for the spring semester and 20 for the fall semester, will be selected each year from universities in the following countries:
- Brazil
- China
- India 
- Japan
- South Korea
- Taiwan

Students who participate gain exposure to the financial role of the private, government, and nonprofit sectors in our nation’s capital. The program combines four days of work at an internship, full day program activities, an academic course, a civic engagement/social responsibility project, and reflection assignments. This structure enriches students’ academic knowledge while they gain valuable professional, cultural, and social experiences.

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